Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Violation...

You may know that someone recently burglarized the stockroom here at Hoffman International and took off with all the stock. All the Art books, Comics & everything else was discovered in the trash.  Amazing.  And we never caught who did it.

Now we're re-doing the tile in our bathroom, and while we stepped out briefly for some heroin, some bozoidal maniac came through here and scrawled some of the most banal, pointless cartoons on the concrete backer board that I'd ever seen. 

So we took photos for the Police, and believe me, you have no idea how it feels to have your virgin privacy burgled  especially if it has not been burgled before.  It is a nightmare from which there is no waking. You never know when it may or may not happen again.

So here are the grotesque "Art" works, and I show them now only so that you will remember to keep your doors locked and trust no one.

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