Monday, April 29, 2013

Abandonment & Monsters...

Hey, this Blog has had almost 70,000 page views.  Amazing.

Those of you on my mailing list may know that I have dug up and burned the roots of all my comics and fantasy art stuff.  Trying to go in new directions while constantly returning to draw "sexy" for some extra money was not working at all.  So, it all had to go.  And I'm not sorry in the least.

Some people took it hard, as if I'd abandoned them somehow, or they'd been hustled; other got pretty angry and abusive.  The latter was an especially good reason to get the hell out.

 The newest venue for gross monstrosities, Monster Motel

One thing I did not trash was my Monster U. stuff, in fact I started an Etsy store just for that and have stocked it full of the older items and some new tweaked "remastered" ones.

 The original, unmodified Monster U. album cover art.

Monster movies might be called Horror by some, and therefore "bleed" into the Slasher genre, but to me they have always been about Love, and the Monsters represent our desire for it along with our feelings of ugliness or unworthiness.  Frankenstein & the Bride, Quasimodo, Erik the Phantom--they are all Love stories. 

"Big Frankie", the digitally tweaked version of the first Monster U.'s album cover art. 

 As upset as some people are with me, finally being free of obligations to the Past is real liberation.


roddy said...

well, as a fan of your fantasy art, i'm sorry to hear you'll no longer be creating such pieces.

still, art is not a destination, but a process, which implies movement and change.

unfortunately, as an artist wanders off their familiar path to go explore into the unknown wilderness of creative expression, there will always be a segment of their audience that will rail and roar at this change.

of course, one could chain themselves to a particular style, but at what cost? and why?

the artist's role isn't to pander to a specific audience. no, the artist is a lone wanderer, an explorer of the creative spark, it's their lot in life to lift the veil of reality and stare into the swirling void of what lies beyond.

and if we are lucky enough, we get to share in that journey.

SUNDOG said...

The true artist is moved by forces beyond his control - not the fans, the spirit.

Good that you know the difference, Mike!