Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY Genius...

How To Be an Artistic Genius
A Ten-Step Program

  1. Find an Artistic Genius to copy.
  2. If discovered, deny copying.
  3. Continue copying.
  4. Seek out powerful symbols, ideas or totems to include in your art as content.
  5. Check to make sure that content is offensive and negative.
  6. Accept accolades from audience who accepts offensiveness as Artistic Genius.
  7. Ego inflates accordingly. Enjoy.
  8. Face criticisms from a minority who are actually offended by offensive content.
  9. Become artistic martyr via attacks that reinforce and validate your special authority to use offensive subject matter.
  10. Artistic Genius achieved via mimicry, negativity and offensiveness. 
All joking aside, this process is everywhere in the Art world.  I know it especially well because I've done it myself.

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robsmith said...

What you may not realize is that we all knew you got your inspiration from Frankie, AlWill, etc. but that we don’t mind because you do it so well.

There is no problem Mike only one you are creating internally for yourself by over thinking and head shrinking yourself.

Life's too short to waste on beating yourself up for bringing pleasure to people.

Rob Smith (the UK one) (

p.s. family loved the portraits you did for us)