Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alley Economy...

We have poor folks searching the alleys behind the houses here in Riverwest, Milwaukee all the time looking for anything of value they can sell. Mainly they come from the "other side" of Holton Street. Some residents complain, but of course they have money and nice houses to live in. Me, I don't complain.

Vietnam--safer than Germany?

In fact I even talk to them, like one fellow the other day with a Vietnam Vet cap on. I said "My wife's half Vietnamese". He said he hadn't actually been in Vietnam but instead was in Germany, and that he suffered from PTSD and Anxiety, further volunteering that these were caused by a rape committed by a higher-up--a sergeant.

The story grew as he explained the suit against the rapist, resulting in a pension for him, the victim. He added that he got off better than another victim in the case, who got a settlement but was also fitted with a colostomy bag for the rest of his life due to the destruction wreaked on his intestines.

Rape in the military is still epidemic, affecting men and one in three women. Then they rape us by taking our wealth away and giving nothing back.

I think that after Wall Street, the Military Industrial complex will be the next focus of protests.

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