Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Year Love Got Drafted...

It's pretty irritating seeing the word "Love" in almost every ad, email subject line, TV commercial, billboard etc. these days, I feel it seriously cheapens the most precious Human attribute, hence this poem...

The Love Button

Love that folder?
Love our new "app"?
Love to go shopping
At the "Shop Now" command?
Love that ol' eBay
Love posts, pins and pics
Hardly any left
For all the people we'll miss
That are right here around us
Beside us, in fact
But those who'll co-opt that "Love"
Don't care about that
Sure, "like" turned to "love"
It wasn't strong enough
To make you dig in your pocket
Or push buttons on demand
Is that "Love" for a button
The same as the Family kind?
Or the one that you've cared about
Since the dawn of Time?
The ante was upped
Around 2015
The year Love got drafted
By the Powers that be
Don't let them take it away
Have your own say
'Coz Love belongs to People
Not Products and Profiteers

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