Thursday, January 8, 2015

Abstract Demo by Mike Hoffman 2 Handed Sharpie Intuitive Graffiti

I do a fair bit of abstract drawing & painting these days, some with both hands simultaneously (like this demo) and others with only the left. Or, novel approaches like changing the hand grip to something awkward and unusual--a stabbing fist, for example.

It's surprising how this kick-starting of unused portions of your brain affects your "regular drawing" when you go back to the patterns you know well.  I mean, after a while, like many decades, your drawing ideas, conceptually, just flow out on automatic, without thinking.  That's good for some tasks, but it's not everything.

Some call drawing like this "Meditative", and considering how it reeducates your brain wiring that's quite appropriate.

Here's another demo, accelerated, showing how the drawing approach has changed from using the left hand and R/L techniques for a while.

And you don't really have to be an artist to try this sorta stuff, I encourage everyone to grab a couple of Sharpies (I use the giant chisel points) and give it a try. And please send your results to me and we'll share 'em!

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Vicki Maheu said...

Interesting, I've never intentionally used my non-dominant hand for drawing, but sometimes when I paint I realize that I've started using it without realizing it!