Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flycatcher Filmstrips...

Continuing the theme of the last entry, I'll be commenting on the 2009 film Mr. Nobody, which we watched last night with the whole family.  I know I'm old-fashioned, but I will probably never get used to the new trend in acting of keeping your mouth hanging open.  Maybe it's supposed to be "emotive".  When I see it, I can only imagine a director saying "No, no, no!  We've got to shoot it again, your mouth wasn't open."

 Good eyeballs can take you a long way in Hollywood.

A friend recommended this film, and looking it up I noticed it's described as "Science Fiction", though I thought I'd understood it was about parallel lives.  So, we'd find out for ourselves.

I thought Mr. Nobody had some things to recommend it; visually, parts were quite amazing, but that's apparently typical now. The dinosaur yawns before being put down.  Characters seemed to be cast more for their appearance than acting ability.  And considering it was a joint French/Belgian/German venture, it was as Hollywood-looking as all get-out. That must be Creeping Globalism.

A Hoffman abstraction showing whole worlds isolated from each other.

If I hadn't invested all that time in the 2.5 hour "Director's Cut" I might not be writing this now.  But, I feel I have to say it--basically scream it at the stars like some baying wolfhound of prehistory who's lost its mate-- that even though this thing portrays a high-tech future, parallel lives have nothing to do with Science Fiction, any more than Edgar freakin' Cayce is interchangeable with Richard "Grumpy" Dawkins.

Not to say that in some distant future our head-up-the-ass Science won't enlarge itself to include things like parallel timelines, past lives, PSI energies and so on, but as of right now that doesn't seem likely.  People could lose their jobs.

More proof of something.

So, we have to be a little vigilant, because just as a giant corporation like Monsanto can do the Science-stomp all over small farmers with GMO contamination and then throw around words like "Coexistence", we certainly don't need them Scientisters co-opting and "co-existing" with the New Agey stuff.

They just ain't earned it.

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