Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love Profaned...

There are dangers inherent in living in the Technosphere.  Right now, the Technosphere involves three things: people (you), Money and Machines.  The three things are currently all stuck together.  People get all caught up with their machines, and then there's always the struggle for more money, which is basically fear--of not having enough, losing what you've got, and so on.

The most important thing to remember when playing in the Technosphere is that while you're in this falseness, this trance-state, it is all dependent on another sphere that it cleverly obscures.  You could call that the Biosphere. Once, that was all there was.

 The Biosphere met his every need for 50,000 years.

You can figure out where this is going.  Today, an email came in from Apple, Inc. praising the "iPad".  Like the corporation Paypal, which touts itself as "the most-loved" way to get paid, the iPad also is ready to co-opt Love itself to ensure the dominance of the machine and money over your welfare and happiness.

Oh, Hoffman, they don't really mean "Love", do they? 

I can think of an infinite number of things an iPad can't do, and one is actually provide Love.  But, Love is becoming a "power" word in Technosphere propaganda, so are you being a good little monkey and falling for it?  Put your head in the noose, now.

The latent power of your own terrestrial life itself has been matched by a pocket-sized machine.

Here's something pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know: drugs don't heal you, they make you sick.  It's actually your body that heals you.  So what do machines do? 

Machines don't improve your life, they take your life away.  

They do this by distracting you.

ADDENDUM: 4/09/13


EBay's latest campaign again tries to employ "Love" for its own commercial gain, this time encouraging people to unquestioningly accept the idea that we can actually love "things"--inanimate objects.

The good news is that these sorts of pleas are desperate acts, brought about by diminishing revenues and shifting cultural paradigms.

They know that the human appetite for more "things" is decreasing.

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roddy said...

couldn't agree with you more. lately i find i'm only using the internet for research, and sending emails to family and friends. other than that, i'm bored with it.

it may be the information superhighway, but most of that information seems to be mindless drek and masturbatory self involvement - feh!

as for the cell phone, well, i'm one of those odd weirdos who actually turns theirs off; i really don't want to be, or need to be, "reachable" 24/7...