Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Under Attack...

I'm currently being harassed by several "Porn fans" who think that my stance on it is obliquely harassing them.  They're calling me names, like "a hypocrite", for several reasons, the first being that is the easiest for them to reach, the second that I draw and paint women.  But what they actually resent is my argument itself, which is why they feel upset enough to attack me.  But none of them do so through this Blog. They prefer to lurk in the shadows.

 The artist's trained eye sees pose, contrast, shadowing, composition; some others' eyes never will.

If I were them, I probably couldn't imagine any other motivation to protest Porn other than to feel self-righteous, but this is a head-in-the-sand position.  Incredibly, my real motivation is to try and prevent more damage for other people in the Real World outside their diseased dreamland. 

What they are basically defending is twofold: first, their God-given right to masturbate to pornography, and second, their privacy and secrecy about doing so.  So they're howling about this to me, but you can't hear it.  It's a strange and unpleasant position to be in, to have weapons pointed at you that aren't guns.

There's no questioning in their minds about who actually profits monetarily from their "collecting" behavior, or what the the lives might be for any of the "models" they encounter.  I encourage anyone to research the subject themselves, and not take it as a justification that a few women somewhere are wondrously happy with their money-making porn businesses.  No one in Porn is happy, not really, or they wouldn't be doing it.  Most addicts claim they love their addiction, it's common as dirt.

Enter the Online Dream Dimension.

I know about a fellow--let's call him Joe--who became deeply involved with online porn and "hookup" sites.  Joe was as addicted to his behavior patterns as powerfully as any drug, alcohol or gambling addict. He lost his wife after she raided his hard-drive, and she was pregnant and later lost the child as a result of the overwhelming stress.  Before the death of his child, Joe was ready to go on being "a ladies' man" and bear the costs.  Afterwards, he voluntarily committed himself to a program for recovering Porn addicts.

Today, Joe is suffering immensely, and it's no joke.  His daily activites are monitored closely, as is his Internet access.  What I am talking about here, Porn Addiction, is an ugly subject that many turn away from and others refuse to acknowledge.  But the damage occurring from it are all around us and is escalating.

Additionally, Joe has gotten involved sexually with a girl he'd "met" online, and now, in addition to having face his wife's leaving him and the tremendous guilt for their unborn child's death, he is also being blackmailed each month because the girl he met a slept with is a minor.  Their trysts were videotaped without his knowledge. The payments will continue for at least two more years.

Are you good at Math?

There are many, many more horror stories out there as bad as that one or worse, and men, women, boys and girls are suffering.  The human mind was never designed to be so radically over-stimulated by an endless stream of virtual sexual partners, and when it happens lives break down rapidly.  Everyone may then be seen as a potential sex partner, any woman in the grocery store, on any street or at a bus stop, or even children crossing the street leaving school.

Women are not objects to be stuck arbitrarily onto your crotch for some sick ego-satisfaction and a moment of shallow sexual gratification. Just because you can find people pretending to be objects doesn't change that fact.  An inflatable doll is an object.  People aren't.

But most Porn addicts are almost impotent from the continual over-stimulation and their out-of-control masturbation schedules.   Can you imagine masturbating a dozen times a day, and harassing women at every opportunity?  It's ugly but it's happening right now thanks in large measure to online Porn.

In my day it was just magazines, but today you couldn't even begin to turn the pages that fast.

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Jeff Lafferty said...

Its a ugly business that's for sure. Good post Mike.