Monday, November 12, 2012

Connection Disconnect...

I just placed the following on my Facebook page:

Hey all you guys and goils-- I am online only on Mondays and Thursdays from here on out, so if there's a lag in my replying to you I'm sorry but that's why.

I've made some decisions about my computer usage, and have decided that I want my old life back. After the first three days of cold turkey some Beta waves actually came back to my brain again. The days got longer and I thought in a way I ha

dn't for many, many years.

I thought about FB, too--and for all the promise of "connection", which to some degree it does do, there's also a tremendous "disconnect" as I sit here alone in front of a computer.

I am sure this weird duality has a lot to do with why FB is so successful and popular, it appeals directly to the "Self" and then each self nurtures itself with a little piece of every other "self". It's like a school of Piranhas eating itself.

And as we all sit here alone and connected/disconnected, the Powers That Be make billions selling our information, as you may already know. What are we really getting back, except another freakin' habit?

I also contemplated this: if every online "message" (ad, email or FB posting, etc.) was a knock at the door, how fast would I stop answering it altogether? How about you?

And I asked myself: when was the last time I got an email that I treasured so much that I actually wanted to print out and keep, like a "real" letter? I'm not sure I ever have, so I want to try real letters again. I may send you one!

I really think that if I didn't have to use a PC to run my business I'd toss the thing in the trash. The way it is, twice a week to handle orders and emails is enough. I HOPE it's enough.

It's bold, and it's radical, but I am going back to Paper and long, quiet afternoons. If you care or dare to join me, I'd like to hear about your experience.

We're like astronauts, going where other fear to tread; going full in the face of fashion, trends, technology, against the tide that is sucking away our lives...

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Fernando M Ruppel said...

Maybe we should teach ourselves how to use Everything all over again (food, tv, resources, words, etc). Internet has become part of our system but we are a society of excess. It´s hard to find moderation/balance.

I was trying to do something similar about my internet habits, telling all my friends how cool it will be to be out of facebook and stuff.
Some force of nature must have heard me because my internet conection was shutdown for 2 weeks.
At firt is kinda sad to see how your brain asks you to check up the net, for nothing really.

Internet is random, with your mind in automatic. Internet makes you focus in randomness.
Real life is also random, but in real life you choose something to focus, you find ways of keeping distractions out.
Or something like that, my english is not that good and is hard to explain myself (maybe because I learned it through blogs and listening to podcasts?)
Half baked coolture.

Anyways Happy birthday!, facebook told me.