Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Original Origins...

I don't post here much anymore, what with most people hogging Facebook all day long there doesn't seem much point.  Also, while I'm not running out of thoughts, I'm running out of the drive to communicate them.  And no one's really asking what happened to all the talking, either.  So?

Anyway, there's a new ORB book out, which hasn't been available long enough to make any waves, but probably it will sometime and certain folks will think I've lost my mind.  Why?  Because one of the articles concerns my experiences with extra-dimensional beings I call "The Blue People".  The Universe is a lot bigger than most may think, but I know now that it stretches infinitely in all directions, some we haven't imagined. But you can handle infinity, right?

The newest edition.

Other essays discuss the sad state of Comics and our culture, but who wants to hear about that?  More fun just to stay addicted to the electro-gizmos (smart phones/dumb people), continue chasing after increasingly elusive "warm and fuzzy" (or banal & fluffy) experiences, like Comics, or bouncing around like a freakin' pinball from the continuous din of pointless distraction on all sides.  I even went outside and sat under a tree to escape it all.

I wrote to the Rickford brothers to point out my last entry but got no reply.  Why?  I don't know.  I'm still interested in the race question, so I grabbed the book "A Modern Atlas of African History" recently and looked it over, astounded at the level of interference there by other nations.  The book is mainly maps, but imagine my surprise upon seeing the one below:

Neither you nor I are supposed to make light about the nation located between Togo and Nigeria named "Dahomey".  It is emphatically not where "da homeys" came from.  Are we clear on this?


Fernando M Ruppel said...

Great to read you again.

I´don´t know about facebook, but I miss the youtube videos you used to post here.

Bloggin´or not, you are a big inspiration.

roddy said...

there is a fine line between patiently waiting for an artist to create, and demanding that the "trained monkey" perform on command.

there are folks out here who await your thoughts (well, at least one) and as these posts are gifts given freely, i'm more inclined to quiet patience rather than squawking demands...