Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Outer Limits...

The other night at 3:00 PM I had a cathartic insight while lying in bed digesting perhaps 50 ounces of Pale Ale. I've felt pretty rotten since, but the message was worth it and was this: NO LIMITS. That means no limits you place on yourself, or your work, your life and activities.

Sure, exceeding some limits will land you in jail, but putting other limits on yourself are exactly the same thing as jail, and it's 100% voluntary.

A new painting "Countess Dracula".

Developing this idea further: every label you might apply to yourself, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Christian, Atheist, or Packers Fan might create a sense of belonging and a comfortable "space", but you've still locked yourself in and thrown away the key, because you have severely limited yourself options, not to mention your potential.

But are people ready for "no limits"? I think I am. Just think about how many you apply to yourself every day, and how easy it could be to just walk away.

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